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Bcouture is a fine line of jewellery for the woman who seeks to wear what few have, but many covet. Bcouture transforms a sweater and faded jeans just as easily as it compliments a stunning cocktail dress. It satisfies a craving for a laid-back kind of luxury, like bubbly on a Tuesday, or scented candles – just because. Sometimes no occasion is the perfect occasion.

Bcouture is a Canadian brand in which each jewelry piece is designed and manufactured in Canada. The “B” in Bcouture’s name and logo represents a bee – of the buzzing variety. The honey bee is one of the most productive and nurturing of all living things, yet crossed in the wrong way or while feeling threatened to protect its home, the honey bee can have a vicious sting. Bcouture found great symbolism between females and the honey bee. Women are, by nature, nurturing and will go to great lengths to protect their families.

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