July 17, 2015

The Reason You Wear Your Ring on the Fourth Finger

Chinese Tradition

According to Chinese belief and tradition, each finger on your hand represents a different stage of life.

Your thumb is a representation of your parents.
Your index finger is your siblings.
The middle finger represents your own self.
The forth finger is your life partner.
You little finger represents your children.

Put your hands together as seen in the picture above …

Try separating your thumbs. These will come apart as according to Chinese tradition states you’re not destined to live with your parents forever.

Do the same with your index fingers. They will separate as your siblings will eventually live their own lives.

Separate your little fingers. They come apart too easily because your children one day will grow up, marry and carry on with their own lives.

Now try and break apart the fourth fingers. You cannot actually separate them, the person you marry is meant to be the one you are with for a lifetime.